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Eco Funerals in Curzon Park South | John Knowles Funerals

Eco Funerals in Curzon Park South If you are an environmental enthusiast, eco funerals in Curzon Park South may interest you. Eco funerals are fitting farewell services for people who want to have a minimal impact on the environment. People who try to minimise their carbon footprint deserve a sendoff that honours their values. Eco funerals maximise bio-degradable materials that have quick and safe decomposition. Conventional materials such as plastics, metals and synthetic fabrics have a lasting impact on the environment because they take too long to decompose. You can celebrate an environmentalist’s lifestyle and values with a well-organised eco funeral.  

If you are not sure what eco funerals are, come to us. In Curzon Park South, our eco funerals are cost-effective and easy to manage. The affordability of eco funerals is attractive to many families. Environmentally aware people apply conservation principles in every sphere. You can save time and money because eco-funerals avoid conventional funeral processes. These funerals don’t use chemicals or preservatives on the deceased’s body and avoid using funeral home storage. Also, cremation is not an option during eco funerals because of the energy consumption and potential air pollution due to combustion. Environmental conservation is the driving force behind eco funerals, yet, with the current economy, financial savings have become a significant motivator.

In the interest of minimal environmental impact, eco funerals in Curzon Park South don’t use concrete during burials. As such most eco-funeral sites have wooden markers rather than concrete headstones. Instead of expensive or embellished coffins, many eco-funeral burials use natural materials such as natural reed woven baskets that decompose easily. If you would like to hear more about our eco funeral packages, call John Knowles Funerals. Hence, with many years of experience in the funeral business, we can guide you on all the processes, permissions and documentation you need for an eco funeral. We also offer religious, and celebrant funerals that can blend well with an eco funeral without altering its environmental impact.

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