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Humanist Funerals in Broughton, a Personalised Farewell Ceremony

Humanist Funerals in BroughtonIf your family is not religious and you lose a loved one, you should consider our humanist funerals in Broughton. A humanist funeral is a personalised farewell ceremony that is not affiliated with any religion. It is performed by a humanist celebrant and focuses on the life of the departed. Such funerals celebrate the life, relationships and memory of your loved one rather than traditional religious practices. Yet, the ceremony may still feature hymns, poems and readings that the family or deceased member enjoyed. Humanist funerals are gaining popularity in the North West since about half the population of the UK doesn’t ascribe to any religion. 

Our funeral service packages are comprehensive and well organised. In Broughton, our humanist funeral celebrants work closely with you to organise the ceremony. We work on identifying and highlighting the unique character of your loved one. We gear our humanist funerals towards creating an authentic depiction of your loved one’s life. If you are new to humanist funerals, our staff will guide you through the concept and procedures. We understand that this is a difficult time and do our best to alleviate the pressure from your family. As such, we offer several support services that enable you to spend more time with your family. We can guide you through selecting the celebrant, music, readings and venue for the ceremony. We can also help you prepare the obituaries, transport, flowers and burial ground or cremation procedures.

Much like religious sendoffs, humanist funerals in Broughton have a considerable amount of legal requirements and paperwork. Our staff can help you satisfy all the legalities of your loved one’s send-off. We aim to make the farewell process as simple as possible for you and your family. By taking over the daily details of the funeral, we enable you to focus on your friend and family during this difficult time. If you would like to know more about our humanist funeral packages, call John Knowles Funerals. We maintain the highest level of professionalism while offering a personalised friendly service. 

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