Eco Funerals in Curzon Park South

Humanist Funerals in Pulford for a Meaningful Tribute

Humanist Funerals in Pulford If your loved one wasn’t a religious person, humanist funerals in Pulford would be the right choice. At John Knowles Funerals, we take pride in staying in step with the changing needs and desires of the communities we serve. As independent funeral directors, we offer a wide range of funeral packages to suit your personal preferences. Our approach is a combination of compassion, care and practical, sensible assistance and advice. Your loved one may have passed away in a hospital, at home, unexpectedly or in a nursing home/hospice. In each of these cases, there may be different types of formalities to be completed. We can give you the right help in this time of confusion and grief so that matters proceed smoothly.

As is the case around the world, in Pulford, humanist funerals are a non-religious celebration of the life of one who has died. These events can be led by a humanist celebrant, or you can curate the funeral yourself, with readings, music and other items of your choice. You can choose the location and time. Generally, the places available could be the local town hall, your home and garden, a park or forest, or even the local pub or the deceased’s favourite restaurant or art gallery. These ceremonies are about celebrating the life of the person, their relationships and achievements. The family and friends are usually involved in providing suggestions and ideas.

Humanist funerals in Pulford are certainly not a new idea. They have been around since the 19th century. However, they have become more popular in recent years due to the cultural diversity and global exposure of society in general. When we plan humanist funerals, we pay great attention to the personality and life of the deceased. You can decide whether you want a more celebratory, upbeat tone, or you can make it a solemn occasion for reflection and meditation. The event encompasses people from all backgrounds, whether religious, social or economic. Contact John Knowles Funerals for assistance with planning a humanist funeral. Since there is a growing interest in cremations, our funeral directors can help you to organise them in the most dignified and humane way possible.

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