Eco Funerals in Rossett

Eco Funerals in Rossett – Our Funeral Directors can Assist

Eco Funerals in Rossett In the interest of climate change and carbon footprint awareness, many people are requesting eco funerals in Rossett. An eco-funeral involves a burial that seeks to have the least possible impact on the natural environment. This type of burial is defined as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional burials. In such burials, no chemicals are used to preserve the deceased’s body and cremation is not acceptable. The preferred casket is made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials such as soft untreated wood panels or natural reed woven baskets. Also, you cannot lay the deceased to rest in a buried concrete vault. The idea is for the body to decompose quickly and with minimal environmental impact. Eco-funerals have become very popular among environmentalists and naturalists.

 If the deceased loved nature and environmental conservation, an eco-funeral is a suitable farewell. In Rossett, eco funerals are readily accepted and promoted. Apart from the positive impact on the environment, eco funerals are easy to arrange and very affordable. Conventional funeral arrangements can be costly because of funeral home expenses. Yet, since no chemicals or lengthy storage is necessary for eco funerals, the body preparation costs drop significantly. Also, you can avoid the cost of a conventional casket. Environmentalists actively oppose any form of wastage, as such, eco funerals focus on the conservation of natural, emotional and financial resources.

If you are not sure what eco funerals in Rossett entail, come to us. We are a longstanding funeral home with experience in several types of funerals. We can guide you through the packages and show you how eco-funerals compare to conventional ones. It is also possible to combine the sustainability principles of an eco funeral with the fundamental structure of a religious funeral where necessary. Call John Knowles Funerals for more information about our eco funeral packages. We are pragmatic yet empathetic and always patient with you during your time of mourning. Our services are famed for being personalised yet professional.

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