Eco Funerals in Curzon Park South

Eco Funerals in Higher Kinnerton, a Natural Funeral for Your Lost Loved One

Eco Funerals in Higher KinnertonWe can assist with eco funerals in Higher Kinnerton for your lost loved one. An eco funeral is an environmentally-friendly alternative to a traditional funeral service. If your loved one was passionate about nature and conservation, he may have indicated that this is the type of funeral he would prefer. If you are not certain how to plan an eco funeral, let our experienced funeral directors assist.  Usually, when one considers an eco funeral, one is concerned about earth preservation and the reduction of the carbon footprint. This may be something that your lost loved one firmly believed in. An eco funeral is a fitting tribute for your loved one.

The costs of a funeral also play a role in the type of funeral planned. In Higher Kinnerton, eco funerals, when carefully planned, can cost considerably less than a traditional funeral. There is also no specified format for an eco funeral. It is a way in which to pay tribute to the life lived, in an environmentally friendly manner. You may wish to have a unique, personalised service that focuses on the life of your loved one in a scenic location. Eco funerals use less harmful materials for the preparation of the body and during the burial process. It has a smaller impact on the environment yet it also offers a more natural setting for the funeral service. You could choose to have the eco funeral in a cemetery, a designated woodland, or perhaps on your own property.

When planning eco funerals in Higher Kinnerton, you’ll need to consider the type of coffin you will use for the deceased. An eco funeral typically requests that all aspects are environmentally friendly. This would include the coffin. Perhaps you can choose a coffin made of natural materials including untreated wood. Embalming of the body is discouraged with an eco funeral, and this is because of the chemicals that are used in the process.  If you need assistance with planning an eco funeral, contact John Knowles Funerals. Our experienced and compassionate funeral directors are available to assist you in planning a fitting send-off for your lost loved one.

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