Eco Funerals in Curzon Park South

Eco Funerals in Lache, a Meaningful Tribute to Your Lost One

Eco Funerals in LacheMake your loved one’s life meaningful to the very end with eco funerals in Lache.

Eco friendly funerals celebrate and memorialise the life of a dear one whose life was dedicated to the cause of the environment. These events are also known as “Green Funerals.” Today, more and more people have become aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. They do not wish to add to the pollution and toxic nature of the atmosphere. Older people want to leave the earth a slightly better place for their future generations. Keeping these ideas in mind, many clients wish to explore new methods that will be least harmful to the environment. Our company has several decades’ experience in this sector. We respect everyone’s right to make their own decisions regarding their funerals. People can make their choices at every stage of the end of life care to minimise waste.

There are several good options when it comes to choosing, in Lache, eco funerals. It uses fewer harmful and wasteful materials in comparison to traditional funerals. These materials are generally in use while preparing the body for the funeral and the burial process. Thus, natural burials are simple ceremonies held in memorial grounds, cemeteries, woodlands, or in your home garden or private land. Further, biodegradable coffins are used, or the body is wrapped in a simple shroud made of natural cotton. Further, there is no embalming. Eco funerals can also be followed by a cremation. No casket or coffin is used. 

When you opt for eco funerals in Lache, it’s important to reduce travel time. We can help you to select a burial or cremation site close by. This is another way to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. The service is usually smaller, and much more simple. Instead of a headstone or gravestone, you can plant a tree or shrub in memory of your loved one. If you need assistance with planning eco funerals, contact John Knowles Funerals. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and can help you with the details.

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